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Bin Cleaning in Harrow

"wheelie bins in Harrow are cleaned, disinfected and deodorised on a monthly basis"

Do you live in Harrow and require your bins cleaning? You will be surprised just how dirty they become and they leave an unpleasant odour around your garden. Handling them can leave many germs on your hands too.

Trying to clean them manually can be a dirty and unpleasant task. Afterall how do you exactly get down to the bottom of these huge bins and then also rinse them thoroughly and clean out all the dirt?

Let us handle this unpleasant task for you at a cost effective price. We will fully disinfect your bin(s) in no time with a custom made truck. We operate bin cleaning throughout Harrow so no matter where you live we can get to you.

You can find out more about our domestic service here and book your cleaning service online here.

Did you know our service is environmentally friendly? - The chemicals we use are biodegradable and kill 99.9% of bacteria leaving your bins smelling clean and fresh.

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