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The Bin Cleaning Process
"A professional cleaning process to leave bins immaculate"
  • 1. When the rubbish has been collected, the bin is mounted on the washing ram and the inside of the bin as well as the outside is blasted with water that is mixed with Cleanol as a washing agent using a fixed lance.
  • 2. The stains inside & outside the bin are removed using scouring wire by the operator.
  • 3. The bin is then rinsed using the lance and the waste water collected and poured back through the tray and filtered back into the main tank for further recycling.
  • 4. The bin is lowered then coated with a perfumed deodorising disinfectant.
  • 5. The bin is returned to the storage area.
  • 6. Dirty material obtained during the process of cleaning is bagged and disposed off at an approved local authority site.
Save yourself a fine of up to 20,000
bin cleaning process