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Our company was established in 2005 and offers a specialised cleaning service for people in London. This service is available for both domestic and commercial customers.

The equipment used by our company is one of the latest in the industry and satisfies the requirements of the Environmental Agency. Therefore waste water is recycled and the chemicals used are enviromentally friendly. We have recently expanded our cleaning operations and now offer comprehensive Barnet bin cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Domestic Bin Cleaning

The domestic cleaning service has the largest number of customers and the bins are cleaned to a high standard on a regular basis. The bins are cleaned on the day they are emptied. We leave our marketing material on your bin or your letter box on the day the bin is emptied to draw your attention to our existence and to contact us you simply phone our freephone number and your order is taken.

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Commercial Bin Cleaning

The commercial cleaning service is also available in the London areas of Harrow, Barnet and of course Brent where we specialise in the washing of large four wheeled commercial bins. This service suits customers from the industrial sector as well as food handlers, housing associations and other relevant stakeholders.

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